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The  A3716 online condition monitoring unit is a powerful online monitoring and diagnostics system designed to increase the reliability of rotating machines.  . The A3716 system can operate as an independent monitoring system or it can be used as extension of an existing protection system.

Each  A3716  module  contains  16  AC,  16  DC  and 4  TACHO  inputs.  All  channels  are  measured simultaneously.  Single  A3716  modules  can  be easily  composed  together  and  by  this  we  can create widely-channels system. All channels are measured simultaneously. The measurement parameters and data processing are the same as our best in class A4400 – VA4 Pro instrument. Single A3716 modules can be easily combined together and used as a multi-channel system.


  • 16 channels AC
  • 16 channels DC
  • 4 independent TACHO inputs
  • 16 BNC outputs of signals from sensors
  • 16 programmable relays outputs
  • 16 programmable 4‐20 mA outputs


  • 16 channels AC
  • 16 channels DC
  • 4 independent TACHO inputs


Online Condition Monitoring

Example of use of 3 pieces of A3716 2U on-line monitoring system on site

View from the back - connection of units

A3750 Software

The A3750 software is designed for collecting and archiving data. It is possible to easily configure required measurements in the software’s settings. Software A3760 enables online display of current values on the predefined schemes. The DDS 2011 software system is designed for the following processing and archiving of the all collected data.

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