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A4910 Lubri

Economize the lubrication process

What is the A4910 Lubri?

There is an increasing demand for an instrument to assist with lubrication monitoring.  An instrument which is able to  check the lubrication of rolling bearings as well as the condition of the  bearings.  Every machine has specifications on how much lubricant each of its bearings uses withing a specific amount of operational hours. The task of technicians or engineers is to regularly check all the lubricated points and to maintain the lubricant at sufficient levels.

Both lack and excess of lubricant  are harmful for a rolling element bearing. This results in excessive stress on the bearing and consequently leads to  excessive wear. Every lubricating point has a lubrication time interval (in hours of service),  and also an amount of lubricant that needs to be replenished. This way of lubrication monitoring however control has a significant disadvantage.  The amount of lubricant that any bearing actually needs for proper operation changes during its lifetime. Longer lubricating intervals in the case of a new machine are usually not sufficient for a machine after several years of operation.

It would be useful to be able to determine a state of a bearing somehow and replenish only as much lubricant as is actually needed. Controlled lubrication increases bearing service life and lowers  the costs of lubrication and repairs.  A large amount of knowledge has been collected, by researching machine long-term operation and lubrication and that knowledge has been applied in developing the instrument A4910 Lubri.

It is simple to operate, and user’s training takes less than one hour. The main function  of this instrument is in the lubrication replenishment process. During this process the instrument measures the actual lubrication condition of a bearing and tells the operator when the amount of lubricant is ideal. This way it is ensured that they do not under or over lubricate.  With the this instrument the recommended lubrication intervals can be shortened, since the instrument  determines  the ideal amount of lubricant needed.  By using the A4910 Lubri instrument,  machines are maintained at their best lubrication condition. With this instrument the entire lubricating process is simpler and the consumption of  expensive lubricants is reduced.

Values in traffic light colours tells you when to add the grease

Lubrication Monitoring

Lubrication Ok

Add grease

Dry bearing

Basic mode

Basic mode controls the lubrication process only .

Advanced Mode

  • In advanced mode machine vibration and bearing condition can be measured.
  • Advanced mode includes two extra overall values and Frequency bands readings.
  • The Overall values readings can be saved into the memory.
  • The saved measurements can be transferred to the DDS 2014 software for evaluation and analysis.


A4910 Lubrication Monitoring kit contains:

  • the instrument
  • accelerometer
  • cable
  • magnetic base
  • earphones
  • grease gun mount (grease gun NOT included).
  • 2 AA batteries
  • carrying case

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